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January 13 2018

acup was always and is: "Please put only non animated images, no videos, thx" ಠ_ಠ please keep it clean!

January 12 2018

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January 06 2018

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January 05 2018

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January 04 2018

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Its the oven, right? With the whole movie. Someone had to say it.
Das ist eine Erleichterung!! Year starts good.
Could you please explain to me what this picture should tell me? I posted it because I wanted an argument from You, not an insult.
Respawn system is the sole reason I will never waste any time ore money on this again. Back to paintball or Airsoft next.

January 03 2018

January 02 2018

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Anyone has experience how Lasertag compares to a shootout with the police? 
I had the best accuracy of 20 people by far but a dreadful k/d ratio.
Somewhat discouraged me from going postal. 
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January 01 2018

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Is that "The Arena" Browser multiplayer game? I think I played that 13 years ago.
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